Book Club Kit: Sins of the Assassin

Sins of the Assassin (Book #2)
by Robert Ferrigno
First Published: 2008
6 Copies & Reading Guide

The year is 2043. Rakkim Epps battles radical fundamentalist forces in a futuristic America, now a divided blood-soaked dystopia. New York and Washington, D.C., have been leveled by nuclear bombs. New Orleans is submerged beneath fifty feet of water and treasure hunters scavenge its watery ruins. The United States no longer exists, and in its place two new nations maintain an uneasy coexistence. Will Rakkim survive? Can America ever be unified again?

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Author’s Website:

Series Order:

  1. Prayers for the Assassin
  2. Sins of the Assassin
  3. Heart of the Assassin (not available in Pinal County — ask your librarian about requesting an ILL.)

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We Recommend…The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker
Available Formats: Hardcover | Audio Book

The Age of Miracles is speculative fiction at it’s finest (think Margaret Atwood). It isn’t in-your-face science fiction, but simply a quiet coming-of-age story about eleven-year-old Julia. The author beautifully captures the heartbreak of the middle grades, while also exploring the societal changes that come with the earth’s rotation suddenly slowing down. A great debut and a wonderful novel for readers of all ages.

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