We Recommend…The Chalk Girl by Carol O’Connell

Kathleen Mallory seriesThe Chalk Girl is the most recent addition to the Kathleen Mallory series of novels by Carol O’Connell. The Mallory novels will be enjoyed by any who likes unusual and quirky female characters in mysteries and thrillers. Mallory fills the niche well and she’s been around much longer than that girl with the tattoo.

In The Chalk Girl, Mallory again manages to wreak havoc on highly placed New York police officers, along with causing pain to her immediate superior in the Special Crimes Unit, while also finding justice for the dead and framed. This psychological thriller opens with a strange little girl lost in Central Park with drops of blood on her shoulders and three people left to die in burlap bags high in trees. As Mallory and her partner, Riker, follow clues, they find the underlying reason for this strange scenario and those behind it are meted out well-deserved justice.

If you want to start at the beginning, all of the Mallory novels are available from libraries around Pinal County!

  1. Kathleen Mallory seriesMallory’s Oracle
  2. The Man Who Cast Two Shadows
  3. Killing Critics
  4. Stone Angel
  5. Shell Game
  6. Crime School
  7. Dead Famous
  8. Winter House
  9. Find Me
  10. The Chalk Girl

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