Mobile Printing


With our new Mobile Print Service, you can use your personal computer or mobile device to print to the library’s printers from anywhere. Simply submit documents for printing and come to the library to release and pick up your document using your library card.

Man sending a photo to wireless printer

This service is available at all PCLD libraries with the exception of Superior, Kearny, Mammoth and Oracle.

From a mobile device:

  • Install the PrinterOn app


  • Click “no printer selected”
  • Select your desired printer search via zip code.
  • To Print:
    Upload your documents, select your printer, click the print icon.
    Enter an email address
    At the library, select “Release a print job”
    Enter your email address.

Your print job will be printed!

From a desktop computer/laptop:

Begin by finding your library location using the following link:

  • Enter your email
  • Upload your file
  • Click the green printer icon for your status/ reference #.
  • At the library, select “Release a Print Job” from the Print Release station.
    Enter your email and select your print job