Comics and cartooning

The library is a great place to read and discover comics and graphic novels for all ages.

The Pinal County Library District occasionally offers cartooning programs as part of its outreach to member libraries.

Girl drawing using pencil

Interested in making your own comics or cartoons digitally? 

Here are some fun resources to get you started:

Free online art and design tools:

Apps for cartoonists and animators:

Books on Cartooning:

  • Link to books on the topic from our catalog
  • Brunetti, Ivan. Comics: Easy as ABC: the Essential Guide to Comics for Kids. Toon Books, 2019.
  • Ford, Jason.  The Superhero Comic Kit. Laurence King Publishing, 2015.
  • Smiley, Jess Smart.  Let’s Make Comics: An Activity Book to Create, Write and Draw Your Own Cartoons.  Watson-Guptill, 2018.

Comics and Libraries:

Comic Book Research, databases and historic materials: