David’s Comics Picks for March, 2021

There are so many new exciting comics out this year and you can read them online with your Pinal County Library District card via the hoopla app. Below are just a few of the titles I am most excited about:

Reckless by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips for Image Comics.

This artist/writer team is unstoppable, having released a few stand alone graphic novels over the past year. After completing the Criminal series, Reckless is their new outing and it does not disappoint. In this first volume, Ethan, former undercover FBI operative takes a turn as a hired PI/ problem solver. When he gets mixed-up again with an old girlfriend, trouble ensues. Set in 1980s Southern California, this exciting story has the feel of a 1970s pulp novel.

Wonder Woman Dead Earth by Daniel Johnson from DC Comics.

Writer/Artist Daniel Johnson brings you a tour-de-force of action comics set in a post-apocalyptic setting. After waking up from a long sleep, Diana Prince discovers Earth has been reduced to a nuclear wasteland. She must fight titanic monsters in order to discover the secrets of the dead planet. My favorite part is when she finds the remains of Superman and uses his spine as a weapon in a fight. Truly a superhero comic like no other set in a sci-fi/ fantasy landscape.

Nubia: Real One by LL McKinney and Robyn Smith from DC Comics.

A fascinating comic in that it looks like an independent/ alternative comic and yet it’s published by DC. Nubia is a superhero comic, but more so it’s young adult fiction that deals with issues of race and identity. It’s a story about embracing oneself instead of apologizing for it. Nubia is in the pantheon of DC characters, going back to 1973 as Wonder Woman’s secret black twin sister. However, this new approach requires no background of other DC characters or events. Recommended.

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