We Recommend… The Last Policeman

The Lathe last policemanst Policeman
By Ben H. Winters

The Last Policeman is the first book in a pre-apocalyptic trilogy. Detective Hank Palace is a newly appointed detective trying to solve a murder against incredible odds. Palace is confronted with some hard questions as, in the course of his investigation, he runs into plenty of obstacles and a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Discover magazine calls his book “darkly intriguing” and I completely agree. This novel will appeal to mystery readers who appreciate a good police procedural as well as fans of apocalyptic literature. And it will also appeal to those who enjoy pondering some of life’s deeper questions such as “What is the meaning of Life?” and “What would I do?” This book is sure to start a lively conversation and would be a great book club read.

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Quirk Books
Includes Reader’s Group Guide, Excerpt and Book Trailer & Book Groupies’ Bucket List

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Post by Shirley, Pinal County Library District Outreach Librarian


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