We Recommend… Where the Bodies are Buried by Christophere Brookmyre

Where the Bodies are Buriedwhere the bodies are buried
By Christopher Brookmyre

Where the bodies are buried is a mystery by Christopher Brookmyre.  He gives us a new Scottish heroine, Jasmine Sharp, who is a sort of wishy-washy young woman aspiring to an acting career.  Since that isn’t happening for her, she goes to work for her uncle who is a retired detective with his own private investigation business.  She seems to mess up every time he gives her something to do, but when he disappears, she works hard getting things together to find out what has happened to him.  She finds a tough former Glasgow thug who disappeared 20 years ago and was presumed dead and they end up working together as unknown assailants attempt to kill them.  They finally unravel all the mysteries together, along with some help from a couple of female police detectives.  The characters are quirky and well drawn and the mystery is engrossing and surprising.  For those who enjoy Val McDermid’s mysteries, this will be another Scottish author of crime novels to watch.

Post by Eileen Jaffe, Pinal County Library District Cataloger


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