We Recommend… The Black House by Peter May

The Black HouseBlackhouseCover
by Peter May

The Black House is the first book in The Lewis trilogy by Peter May, a former television scriptwriter.  The action takes place on Lewis Island, the largest island of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  May’s descriptions of the island and island life are fascinating while we follow the main character, Edinburgh detective and native islander, Fin Macleod.  He is sent back to his island home to aid the investigation into a grisly murder that closely resembles one that he is investigating in Edinburgh.  While on the island he runs into numerous old acquaintances, some of whom are friends, and some who aren’t, along with a former lover married to his once best friend.  As Fin visits all who might possibly have wanted to kill the murdered man, May interjects chapters that are from Fin’s childhood on the island and we learn of the interactions that set everyone on their different paths.  There are some revelations at the very end that are surprising and shocking, but leave us wondering what will happen in the second installment, The Lewis man, and then in the third book of the trilogy, The Chessmen.  The Black House is well written and the characters and the plot are engrossing and will stay with you for days.

Find Reviews for The Lewis Man and The Chessmen here.

Post by Eileen Jaffe, Pinal County Library District Cataloger


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