eBook Survey [SURVEY CLOSED]

Ebook Survey sign for WordPress

In December 2012 Pinal County Library District implemented a new e-book service for its patrons utilizing the 3M Cloud Library. We were able to subscribe to these services through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant.

We seek to provide our patrons with library services that truly meet their needs. Completing this brief survey will help us to further customize your library experience, and determine how we’re doing!

Thank you!


2 comments on “eBook Survey [SURVEY CLOSED]

    • Hello Greg,

      The short answer is that if you own a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD, yes!
      Please follow this instruction guide. http://bit.ly/T0iwmm
      Unfortunately however, those with basic eInk Kindle devices cannot transfer 3M Cloud Library eBooks to their device. Please realize that Kindles are more locked down than other eReaders and no lending library can create compatibility until Amazon allows it. So far, this is not the case for 3M Cloud Library. If you would like to let Amazon know that as a Pinal County resident you would like to be able to use 3M Cloud Library with your Kindle, please email them at kindle-feedback@amazon.com.

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