We recommend… A Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson

A-Serpents-Tooth_SynopsisA Serpent’s Tooth
by Craig Johnson 
Available formats: Print | Audiobook

Mystery author Craig Johnson made a name for himself with the Sherriff Walt Longmire series; a collection of successful crime dramas that eventually were adapted for television in the A&E series Longmire. Johnson’s latest installment will be the 9th novel in the collection, and is sure to keep fans interested.

The novel follows a young Mormon boy, a missing mother, a strange old man who claims to be 200 years old, and a compound of armed zealots, through a complex investigation. Returning characters Henry Standing Bear of the Cheyenne Nation and former Philly copy Victoria Moretti make appearances to help solve the case, and finally stop the bad guys. Johnson uses a lot of dry wit, a bit of murder, and even some romance to keep things interesting. Walt Longmire mysteries are worth checking out, due to their funny and strange characters, alongside fascinating glimpses of rural, small town western life.

Review by Eileen Jaffe, Pinal County Library District Cataloger 


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