We Recommend…Ghostman

GhostmanGhostman by Roger Hobbs
Available Formats: Hardcover | Audiobook | eBook

“Ghostman” is a first novel by Roger Hobbs, written between his junior and senior years at Reed College. He sent the manuscript off to a publisher the day he graduated! A few weeks later it caused an uproar at a book fair in Germany. His senior thesis focused on creating suspense in a story, and he definitely does that in this novel. We never actually learn the name of the Ghostman since he has many names and the supporting licenses, passports, credit cards, etc. to back those names. He is an expert at changing his appearance so that he is unrecognizable even to those who have met him. He is a master thief and works with other master thieves. When he is called upon to find the million dollars that was stolen from a casino in Atlantic City, he not only has to find the money, but he also finds himself in between two powerful men—one a master thief and one a drug lord—who both want the money for different reasons. This is an amazing first novel, very suspenseful and different from the usual thrillers.

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