We Recommend…Vengeance by Benjamin Black

Vengeance1Vengeance by Benjamin Black
Available formats: Hardcover | Large Print | Audiobook

If your taste runs to literary mysteries, then you will enjoy Benjamin Black’s newest novel “Vengeance”.  Benjamin Black is the pen name of John Banville, the Man Booker Prize winner of “The Sea”; this is his fifth mystery. All of his mysteries feature Detective Inspector Hackett and his sometime partner, consultant pathologist Quirke. The setting is mid-nineteenth century Ireland. In “Vengeance” there are two deaths, one by suicide and one by murder, but the why of these deaths isn’t made clear until the very end. In the meantime, we enjoy the thoughts of all of the characters as we also try to puzzle out exactly what is going on.

This is definitely a very cerebral mystery, as are all of his novels. For more mysteries involving Dublin pathologist Quirke try:

  • Christine Falls
  • The Silver Swan
  • Elegy for April
  • A death in summer
  • Holy Orders (August 2013)

All of his mysteries are available through your local public library.


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