Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Screenwriters and producers love to adapt great books into (sometimes) great movies. This year there are many films scheduled to hit a screen near you. Below check out the list of adapted films heading your way and then head to your local library to check out the book before you see the movie!

Coming Soon

Parker starring Jason Statham is based on the character created by Richard Stark. Parker is a professional thief that follows his own code of ethics…though some may find his methods pretty questionable. Watch the trailer here and read a few of the Parker thrillers:

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is a different kind of zombie tale — in fact, it’s a zombie love story. Starring Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich, Warm Bodies could be the perfect Valentine’s date movie for a few of you out there. 🙂

Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural romance with some big names in supporting roles — Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, and Jeremy Irons! If Beautiful Creatures is successful at the box office this year, look for the rest of the series to hit the big screen in coming years. Want to check out the books first?

Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel is another Nicholas Sparks book adaptation. Perhaps this is the perfect Valentine’s date flick for those not into zombies 🙂

On the small screen: Downton Abbey fans can look forward to the mini-series Parade’s End on HBO at the end of February. Copies of the classic series by Ford Madox Ford are available in print and 3M Cloud eBook for your reading pleasure.


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