3M Cloud Library App Improvements

3M Cloud LibraryWe hope everyone is enjoying our new eBook service! As with any computer or tablet applications, 3M is constantly trying to improve the service they offer through the Cloud Library. Over the past month a new Mac app launched, the PC App improved, and updates are coming to the Android and iOS apps! Finally, the 3M Portal Page has been updated with new information – including support videos!


If you’ve opened the PC Application recently, you may be prompted to update the PC App. After the update has loaded you will be asked to log-in again. Please note, that any shortcuts you created to the app may also need to be changed.

These updates include a variety of new improvements – some you might notice and some that simply make the product better.

Two big changes:

A link back to the full PCLD Catalog are now available at the bottom of the search screen. So if you can’t find your favorite by Debbie Macomber, you can easily head over to the full catalog and complete your search for the physical book.

PC App Updates

A direct link back to our Digital Books page is available under the “i” icon located at the top right of the application. Once you click on the icon, a screen pops up with a few different options:

  • Feedback – You can email suggestions for improvements and new features to 3M.
  • Online Help – This is a less than helpful option that sends you to a 3M products page.
  • End User License Agreement – Provides you with text for the agreement you accept when you first log-in.
  • Library Support – This will link you back to our Digital Books page which includes FAQs and how-to guides.

Unfortunately, this update did not include a check-in feature within the PC Application, but we hope this option returns to the PC soon.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added many new titles and are trying to stay on top of all of the wish list requests.

We’ve also posted a few eBook blog posts you might have missed:

Be on the lookout for a survey in the coming weeks relating to eBooks and the 3M Cloud Library.

Thanks for your support and for making our launch a big success!


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