We Recommend…Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Ashfall by Mike Mullin

When we first meet Alex, he’s a jerky little kid, by the end he’s a MAN. But when the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts and destroys your home, your town, and makes it nearly impossible for you to find your family, one realizes it’s time to grow up.

After losing everything, Alex sets out to find his family and he begins by skiing across the ash. On his trek across Iowa into Illinois, he sees the worst of people and attempts to stay true to himself. However, Alex quickly learns that when the world is nearly destroyed, you’ve got to make some serious changes about how you deal with others. While attempting to find his family, Alex meets Darla. Darla is such a contrast to Alex’s “city-boy” — Darla is one very tough young woman who knows about hard work and dedication. As the story continues, Alex and Darla face increasingly difficult challenges, but still manage to survive in this world gone wrong.

A great read about trust, teamwork and the strength we find in ourselves when we need it most. If you’re a fan of survival stories, definitely read this book and check out the follow-up, Ashen Winter.

Want more post-apocalyptic survival tales? 


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