We Recommend…Phantom by Jo Nesbø

Phantom by Jo Nesbø
Available formats: Hardcover | Large Print | Audio Book on CD | 3M Cloud eBook

For those who have been following the Harry Hole mysteries by Jo Nesbø, his newest book, Phantom, is a real shocker.

Harry returns to Oslo when his ex-girlfriend’s son, Oleg, is arrested for murder. Oleg went off the tracks in the years since Rakel broke it off with Harry after she and Oleg were held hostage by a serial killer Harry was hunting.  Now, Oleg is a junkie and sells a new drug on the streets of Oslo called “violin”. Oleg works for a person everyone calls Dubai, but very few have seen. As Harry delves into the drug scene hunting for Dubai and working to clear Oleg, he is targeted and experiences many close calls along the way. If you’ve read the previous five novels you will definitely want to read Phantom.

Missed a couple of books in the series? 

  1. The Bat (not yet published in the United States)
  2. The Redbreast
  3. Nemesis
  4. The Devil’s Star
  5. The Redeemer (not available in the United States)
  6. The Snowman
  7. The Leopard
  8. Phantom

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