We Recommend…The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny

The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny
Available formats: Hardcover | Book on CD

The Beautiful Mystery is the newest novel from author Louise Penny. If you haven’t read her Chief Inspector Gamache novels yet, you are in for a treat! As always, her characters are complex and very human, and the mysteries are almost background to the development of these complicated characters.

In this, her eighth novel, we go with Inspectors Gamache and Jean-Guy Beauvoir of the Surete du Quebec to a monastery hidden deep in the wilderness of Quebec where there has been a murder. There are only 24 monks at this monastery and it is the job of the inspectors to find the murderer. The monks sing plainchant every day, and it is soon obvious that the chants connect to the murder, but the perpetrator and his reason for murder is hidden until the very end. It is well worth reading all of the previous books to gain a feel for the characters, but this can also be read without visiting previous novels. Be warned, once you read one of Louise Penny’s novels, you will want to read them all. 🙂

Want to start at the beginning with the Chief Inspector?


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