Retelling Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

Of all the fairy tales, does it seem like “Sleeping Beauty” is often the one just out of the spotlight? The story is still one of the better known tales thanks to Disney’s continued pilfering of folklore and fairy tales and that means there are still many “Sleeping Beauty” adaptations. The tale’s leading lady goes by many names — TaliaAurora, Brier-Rose — depending on the version; however, not quite as many as Cinderella! One thing “Sleeping Beauty” adaptations have going for them: variety. They span many genres and are available for a wide range of age groups!

Are you looking for a children’s tale? Try Snoring Beauty by Bruce Hale — A funny adaptation of the traditional tale, featuring a sleeping, snoring princess named Marge who is rescued by a prince after being cursed by the bad fairy, Beebo.

Are you looking for a more traditional retelling? Try Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley  — The infant princess Briar Rose is cursed on her name day by Pernicia, an evil fairy, and then whisked away by a young fairy to be raised in a remote part of a magical country, unaware of her real identity and hidden from Pernicia’s vengeful powers.

Are you interested in a retelling along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey? Try The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice — When Sleeping Beauty awakes at the Prince’s kiss it is the beginning of our story, not the end. Once the prisoner of a spell, locked in the sleep of innocence – now she is the prisoner of sensual love, held fast by the magic of desire.

Would you rather read a mash-up of science fiction & fairy tale? Try A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan — Sixteen-year-old Rosalinda Fitzroy, heir to the multiplanetary corporation UniCorp, is awakened after sixty years in stasis to find that everyone she knew has died and as she tries to make a new life for herself, learns she is the target of a robot assassin.

Even more Sleeping Beauty remixes: 

More fairy tale fun:

Are we missing your favorites or is there a fairy tale you want us to look at next? Tell us in the comments!


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