We Recommend…Blue Monday by Nicci French

Blue Monday by Nicci French
Available Formats: Hardcover

The husband and wife writing duo that is Nicci French writes mysteries with a definite psychological twist. In the latest French novel, Blue Monday, we first meet psychiatrist Frieda Klein, a single woman who is calm, collected, and spends many sleepless nights walking the streets of London, England. As she slowly comes to realize her newest patient might have kidnapped a five-year-old boy, she follows clues that even the police feel are only in her mind — until things start occurring that reveal her theories might be right. The ending is a shocker, as always with this team. Frieda Klein will be a protagonist to look forward to reading more about in the future.

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Land of the Living — After Abbie Devereaux escapes a kidnapper, no one seems to believe her. Even worse, Abbie can’t remember anything prior to her abduction. Determined to prove she was kidnapped, Abbie sets out to retrace her steps–and comes face-to-face with a very real psycho-killer. Only this time, she refuses to be his victim.

Secret Smile — When Miranda Cotton finds her boyfriend Brendan reading her diary, she breaks off the relationship. When her sister phones her to tell her about her new boyfriend – Brendan – what began as an embarrassment becomes an infestation, and then even more terrifying than her worst nightmare.

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