We Recommend…The Innocent by David Baldacci

The Innocent by David Baldacci
Available Formats: Hardcover |  Large Print | Audio Book 

David Baldacci’s newest thriller, The Innocent, takes place in Washington, D.C. but this time the characters are not his Camel Club members.

Will Robie is an assassin working for a secret government agency. When his handler sends him to kill a young woman in her bed in D.C. and she has a young child there with her, he refuses. Suddenly a sniper from another building shoots both her and the boy which sends Robie off on a mission to figure out what is happening. In the process, he meets up with a teenage girl, saves her life and they both walk off a bus that explodes behind them. As he works to keep her safe and get to the bottom of things, moles in the FBI and Secret Service find them wherever they are until the end game is finally played out. The Innocent is a great thriller and hopefully we get more books featuring Will Robie in the future.

Not on the shelf at your library? Place a hold. Take a look at this quick how-to guide if you aren’t sure where to start.


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