Author Spotlight: Betty Webb

Betty Webb is a local Arizona author who writes mysteries that tackle thorny problems involving Arizonans. Her most recent Lena Jones mystery, Desert Wind, deals with the mining of uranium near the Grand Canyon, and the plight of the “Downwinders”, those people and their families who lived and worked downwind from the nuclear bomb testing that went on in Nevada during the 1950s through the 1960s.

All of her Lena Jones mysteries are based on stories that she covered as a reporter in Arizona and she often alerts us to subjects that are pertinent to our lives today.

Lena Jones Mysteries:

  1. Desert Noir
  2. Desert Wives
  3. Desert Shadows
  4. Desert Run
  5. Desert Cut
  6. Desert Lost
  7. Desert Wind

For the softer side of Betty Webb, try the Gunn Zoo Mysteries:

  1. The Anteater of Death
  2. The Koala of Death

Check out Betty Webb’s website to see if she’s heading to a library or bookstore near you!


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