Book Club Kit: Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy

Cathy Hufault - Death Clouds on Mt. Baldy: Tucson's Lost TragedyDeath Clouds on Mt Baldy: Tucson’s Lost Tragedy
by Cathy Hufault
First Published: 2010
10 Copies & Reading Guide

Nov. 15, 1958. An arctic-like blizzard roars out of nowhere across the mild desert terrain of southern Arizona. Boy scouts are feared caught out in the open, perhaps buried under the three to seven feet of snowfall in the mountains. Cowboys urge their horses through the chest high snow, hikers push through monster snowdrifts, and helicopters hover at dangerous altitudes in their struggle to find the boys before they die.

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The Virtual SCRIBEReview by Bonnie Lee
Check Goodreads for reviews from fellow readers.

On the Web:
Publisher’s Website – Arizona Mountain Publications – “Tucson Author Filming Video about Boy Scouts’ Tragic Deaths
– Twenty Part series on The Boy Scout Tragedy in the Santa Rita Mountains
Deb’s Search & Rescue Stories – Read more search and rescue stories from a volunteer in Coconino County.
Arizona Public Media – “Exploring the Story Behind the Deaths of Three Boy Scouts near Tucson in 1958” – Story by Mark Duggan
Green Valley News – “Mystery Solved: Two Men Recover Piece of History Tied to Tragic Boy Scout Hike” by Dan Shearer

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