Book Club Kit: Where is the Mango Princess?

Where is the Mango Princess?: A Journey Back from Brain InjuryWhere is the Mango Princess?
by Cathy Crimmins
First Published: 2000
10 Copies & Reading Guide

When her husband Alan is injured in a speedboat accident, Cathy Crimmins reluctantly assumes the role of caregiver and learns to cope with the person he has become. No longer the man who loved obscure Japanese cinema and wry humor, Crimmins’ husband has emerged from the accident a childlike and unpredictable replica of his former self with a short attention span and a penchant for inane cartoons. Where Is the Mango Princess? is a breathtaking account that explores the very nature of personality — and the complexities of the heart.

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January Magazine – “Brain Drain” by Margaret Gunning
Kirkus’ ReviewsReviewed on August 1, 2000

On the Web:
NPR – Where is the Mango Princess? -Interview with Cathy Crimmins (Audio)

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