Book Club Kit: Persuader

Persuader: A Jack Reacher NovelPersuader: A Jack Reacher Novel (#7)
by Lee Child
First Published: 2003
6 Copies & Reading Guide

Jack Reacher takes an undercover assignment to investigate the disappearance of a federal agent from the home of a notorious drug dealer, but Reacher soon discovers that the dealer has ties to a man from Reacher’s own past, one that Reacher supposedly killed.

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Reading Group Guides – Basic questions to get your discussion started about any mystery.

Reviews & Articles:
Entertainment Weekly – “Book Review” Reviewed in May 2003
Kirkus ReviewsReviewed on April 1, 2003
The Telegraph (UK) – “Why Lee Child Makes for Good Holiday Reading” by Sarah Crompton
TIMEQ&A: Author Lee Child by Andrea Sachs

On the Web:
Official Website –
Find Lee Child on Facebook or Follow him on Twitter.
Jack Reacher Website –

Lee Child shares two previously unknown Reacher facts:

More Jack Reacher:
Killing Floor (#1)
Die Trying (#2)
Tripwire (#3)
The Enemy (#8 – a prequel)

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One comment on “Book Club Kit: Persuader

  1. Love the reacher books, read a lot of them, and I’ve just finished Bad Luck And Trouble. Another author you may like if you Love reacher is Brett Battles three books The Cleaner, The Deceived and The Unwanted. I believe he’s also just released a fourth in the series. I’ve read the first three in fairly quick succession they’re that hard to put down !!!

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