Book Club Kit: Going Back to Bisbee

Going Back to BisbeeGoing Back to Bisbee
by Richard Shelton
First Published: 1992 (OneBookAZ 2007)
7 Copies & Reading Guide

Richard Shelton first came to southeastern Arizona in the 1950s as a soldier stationed at Fort Huachuca. He soon fell in love with the region and upon his discharge found a job as a schoolteacher in nearby Bisbee. Now a university professor and respected poet living in Tucson, still in love with the Southwestern deserts, Shelton sets off for Bisbee on a not-uncommon day trip. Along the way, he reflects on the history of the area, on the beauty of the landscape, and on his own life.

Reading Guide:
OneBookAZ – Includes Themes and Discussion Questions
ReadingGroupGuides – General questions for Memoirs

Publishers WeeklyReviewed 05/04/1992
Kirkus Reviews – “Editor Review” – June 1, 1992

Richard Shelton’s Website:

More about Bisbee and Southeastern Arizona:
Bisbee – City of Bisbee, Wikipedia, Visitor Center, & Chamber of Commerce
Ghost Towns – Cochise County, Santa Cruz County, Pima County
Discover Southeast Arizona – Old Tombstone, Ghost Towns, and more.

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