Book Club Kit: Christine Falls

Christine FallsChristine Falls
by Benjamin Black (John Banville)
First Published: 2006
6 Copies & Reading Guide

It’s not the dead that seem strange to Quirke. It’s the living. One night, after a few drinks at an office party, Quirke shuffles down into the morgue where he works and finds his brother-in-law, Malachy, altering a file he has no business even reading. Odd enough in itself to find Malachy there, but the next morning, when the haze has lifted, it looks an awful lot like his brother-in-law, the esteemed doctor, was in fact tampering with a corpse–and concealing the cause of death.

It turns out the body belonged to a young woman named Christine Falls. And as Quirke reluctantly presses on toward the true facts behind her death, he comes up against some insidious–and very well-guarded–secrets of Dublin’s high Catholic society, among them members of his own family.

Reading Guide:
Macmillan – Includes Brief Reviews and Discussion Questions

The Guardian (UK) – “Dark Deeds in Dublin” by Michael Dibdin
Entertainment Weekly – “Book Review” by Daniel Fierman
The New York Times – “The Mysteries of the Dead” by Kathryn Harrison
The Boston Globe – “Secrets, Lies, and Lovely Prose Propel Intrigue in Christine Falls” by Chuck Leddy

Benjamin Black’s Website:

John Banville on Benjamin Black & Quirke

More by Benjamin Black:
The Silver Swan (Quirke #2)
Elegy for April (Quirke #3)

If you enjoyed Christine Falls, you might like:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
In the Woods by Tana French
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn


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