Book Club Kit: Handle with Care

Handle With CareHandle With Care
by Jodi Picoult
First Published: 2009
6 Copies & Reading Guide

Charlotte O’Keefe is the mother of two daughters. One of which has brittle-bone disease. In an effort to find some form of justice for her daughter’s disease, Charlotte decides to sue her obstetrician – and best friend – for malpractice. Each member of the family struggles with Charlotte’s decision to sue and many relationships are damaged along the way. In true Jodi Picoult fashion, this is a story of family matters and the difficult decisions they face.

Reading Guide:
LitLovers – Includes Author Information, Reviews, and Discussion Questions

The Washington Post – “A Wrongful Birth Lawsuit, a Mother in Anguish” by Perri Klass
The Columbus Dispatch – “Author at Home Dealing with Fragile Family” by Margaret Quamme
The Guardian (UK) – (*Spoilers*) “Digested Read – Handle with Care” by John Crace

On the Web:
Jodi Picoult’s Website – – Includes additional Discussion Questions, Charlotte’s recipes, Interviews with Jodi, and more.
Learn more about Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) – Medline Plus, Osteogensis Imperfecta Foundation, and Wikipedia.

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One comment on “Book Club Kit: Handle with Care

  1. This book was a tough read. While Picoult is a great writer, many readers found some of the characters unlikeable. Charlotte, the mother, obviously loved her children and made choices that she thought were best for them. However, the book clearly shows the unintended consequences of the choices we make. Decisions are not made in a bubble. Everyone feels the impact of difficult decisions. Sometimes what we believe will make us happy lead to greater sorrow.

    The book did a great job of capturing the challenges and joys that come with a special needs child.

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