Book Club Kit: Blue Blood

Blue BloodBlue Blood: A Debutante Dropout Mystery (#1)
by Susan McBride
First Published: 2004
5 Copies & Reading Guide

To the dismay of her high society mother Cissy, Dallas heiress Andy Kendricks wants no part of the Junior League life — opting instead for a job as a website designer and a passel of unpedigreed pals. Now her good friend Molly O’Brien is in bad trouble, accused of killing her boss at the local restaurant “Jugs.” Though no proper deb would ever set foot in such a sleazy dive, Andy’s soon slipping into skintight hot pants and a stuffed triple-D bra to gain employment there and somehow help clear Molly’s name. But Andy’s undercover lark is soon bringing her into too-close contact with all manner of dangerous adversaries — including a shady TV preacher, a fanatical Mothers Against Porn activist … and a killer who is none too keen on meddling rich girls.

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Susan McBride’s Official Website:

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