Book Club Kit: Council of Dads

The Council of DadsThe Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and the Men Who Could be Me
by Bruce Feiler
First Published: 2010
10 Copies & Reading Guide

As a young father diagnosed with cancer, Bruce Feiler immediately worried about what his daughters’ lives would be like without him. Would they wonder what he thought? Would they remember his voice? Then he got an idea. He contacted six men from throughout his life and asked them to be present throughout his daughters’ lives. He called that group “The Council of Dads”.

Reading Guide:
HarperCollins – Includes an Introduction to the Book and Discussion Questions

Reviews and Articles:
The New York Times – “In Sickness” by Dana Jennings
TIME – “How a Cancer-Stricken Dad Chose a Council of Successors” by Nancy Gibbs
USA Weekend – “It Takes a Village of Dads” by Dennis McCafferty

On the Web:
Bruce Feiler’s Official Website –
Council of Dads Website –
Follow Bruce on Twitter – @brucefeiler
Like Bruce on Facebook.
Check out all of Bruce’s videos on YouTube.

Read more from Bruce Feiler:
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