Book Club Kit: The Christmas List

The Christmas ListThe Christmas List
by Richard Paul Evans
First Published: 2009
5 Copies & Reading Guide

When real estate mogul James Kier is mistaken for another by the same name, he learns firsthand what the world really things of him, and decides to change his future.

Reading Guide:
Lit Lovers – Includes Information about the Author & Book, Reviews, and Discussion Questions

Blog Critics – “Book Review” by April Phren
Goodreads – Read Reviews of The Christmas List by fellow readers

Official Website for Richard Paul Evans:

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One comment on “Book Club Kit: The Christmas List

  1. Although the book has a Christmas title, it could have been titled, “Damaged Lives” or perhaps “Forgiveness” or even “Second Chances.” All of these issues of life are featured in the lives of the characters in this book. Our discussion group examined the various characters and discussed which ones we could most relate to. We also talked about the consequences of our actions – some that cannot ever be repaired. The Christmas List is very thought-provoking and a good read for a discussion group.

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