Book Club Kit: Finding Nouf

Finding NoufFinding Nouf
by Zoe Ferraris
First Published: 2008
10 Copies & Reading Guide

When sixteen-year-old Nouf goes missing, her prominent family calls on Nayir Sharqi, a pious desert guide, to lead the search party. Ten days later, just as Nayir is about to give up in frustration, her body is discovered by anonymous desert travelers. When the coroner’s office determines that Nouf died not of dehydration but from drowning, and her family seems suspiciously uninterested in getting at the truth, Nayir takes it upon himself to find out what really happened.

Reading Guide:
Publisher’s Reading Guide – Includes Brief Introduction and Discussion Questions

Los Angeles Times – “Mystery of the Saudi Desert” by Sarah Weinman
Entertainment Weekly – “Book Review” by Allyssa Lee

On the Web:
Author’s Official Website –
Los Angeles Times – “Envisioning Herself as a Saudi Man” by Swati Pandey
The Huffington Post – “Zoe Ferraris Raises the Veil: Love and Murder Mysteries in Modern Saudi Arabia” by Nina Sankovitch
Paper Cuts – NYTimes Blog – “Living with Music: A Playlist by Zoe Ferraris
Follow Zoe on Twitter: @zoeferraris

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