Book Club Kit: The Double Bind

The Double BindThe Double Bind
by Chris Bohjalian
First Published: 2007
10 Copies & Reading Guide

When college sophomore Laurel Estabrook is attacked while riding her bicycle through Vermont’s back roads, her life is forever changed. Formerly outgoing, Laurel withdraws into her photography and begins to work at a homeless shelter. There she meets Bobbie Crocker, a man with a history of mental illness and a box of photographs that he won’t let anyone see. When Bobbie dies suddenly, Laurel discovers that he was telling the truth: before he was homeless, Bobbie Crocker was a successful photographer who had indeed worked with such legends as Chuck Berry, Robert Frost, and Eartha Kitt.

Reading Guides:
Author’s Website: Includes Discussion Questions and the Back Story
Barnes & Noble: Includes Author Interview, Reviews, and Discussion Questions

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