Book Club Kit: The Good Earth

The Good EarthThe Good Earth
by Pearl S. Buck
First Published: 1931 Pulitzer Prize: 1932
10 Copies & Reading Guide

The Good Earth is the powerfully moving story of peasant Wang Lung–Of the family he founded that would one day become a powerful dynasty; of the gods he implored, sometimes with humility, sometimes with anger; and, above all, of the earth that sustained him, the land he made to prosper against the ravages of nature and the savage attcks of bandit tribes.

Reading Guides:
Oprah’s Book Club Collection: Includes Discussion Questions, Author Information, and more.
LitLovers: Includes a Summary, Author Information, Reviews, and Discussion Questions

More about China:
Asia for Educators: Includes videos, primary sources, and historical information about the China of The Good Earth.
National Geographic: China

More about Pearl S. Buck:
University of Pennsylvania website
Nobel Prize in Literature, 1938

Read more about Wang Lung’s family:
Sons (Book #2)
A House Divided (Book #3)

If you enjoyed The Good Earth, try:
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan


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