Book Club Kit: A Mercy

a mercyA Mercy
by Toni Morrison
First Published: 2008
10 copies (Large Print) & Reading Guide

In exchange for a bad debt, an Anglo-Dutch trader takes on a young slave girl, who feels abandoned by her slave mother & who searches for love–1st from an older servant woman at her new home, then from a handsome free blacksmith–set in late 17th-century America.

Reading Guide:
Random House – includes Author Bio, Discussion Questions, and Suggested Reading

The New York Times – “Original Sins” by David Gates
The Guardian – “How Sorrow became Complete” by Hilary Mantel

NPR Podcasts – Toni Morrison: A Mother, A Stranger, A Mercy
Nobel Prize in Literature, 1993
NPR Video – Toni Morrison Discusses A Mercy

More from Toni Morrison:

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